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Technical, fundamental and statistical analysis of the stock market based on real time price and volume movements, relative performance among sector & industry as well as other economic data.

US Market Briefing   Wednesday, October 4, 2023 10:30 AM

US Market continues the down trend from the previous trading day, opens slightly lower in the first trading hour on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. The BullLabs total market index had a loss of 0.28% from the end of last trading day. The trading volume is light, at 0.79 times of the three-month average trading volume within the same intraday period.

For the market breadth, a total of 165 or 26% of stocks went up as oppose to 443 or 71% of stocks went down in 627 total stocks tracked by the index. The advance and decline numbers are in consistent with the price movement of the market.

The Consumer Discretionary sector, a sector lagger from the previous session, leads the market with a gain of 0.24%, followed by the Information Technology sector with a gain of 0.04%. The Energy sector, a sector leader from the previous session, is the bottom performer with a loss of 3.10%. The flip-flopping between top and bottom sector performers suggests uncertainty and lack of clear direction in the market. In comparing all 69 industrial groups, the Marine industry leads the market with a gain of 1.30%, followed by the Airlines industry with a gain of 0.98%. The Energy Equipment & Services industry is the bottom performer with a loss of 3.67%. The market went down in general but growth sectors being the leader indicating some bullish sentiment.

For major US market indexes, the S&P 500 trades at 4,220.48 with a loss of 0.21%. The tech-dependent Nasdaq Composite index trades at 13,075.02 with a gain of 0.12%. The iconic Dow Jones Industrial Average is at 32,882.33 with a loss of 0.36%. The Russell 3000 index trades at 2,422.64 with a gain of 0.02%.

Bull Total Market Index intraday chart